How to work sequins…

I love me some sequins! I have sequin dresses, tops and trousers and I love them all. Check out this top from Topshop.

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Sequins never get old and can be worn all year round if you can master the understated base of the outfit.  Minimal colours and accessories are required to ensure you are the centre of attention and not the sequins themselves. This goes for heels as well, an understated LBD is more than enough to make you stand out. It’s a balancing act between sophistication and sheer devil-may-care dressing.

PVC Patent skirts…yay or nay?

PVC patent and high-shine fabrics have always received a bit of a bad rep as they were once associated with sex shops, however they have now made a positive change into the fashion world. Patent skirts are now seen as a must-have fashion piece with many teaming the skirt with a crop top. Head to Topshop for your very own.

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