The Food Challenge…

What did we try this week…?

After two weeks of trying something new and not liking what I have tried, I have finally found something this week that I think I may have just falling in love with. These nougat bars are pure lushness. I definitely favour the blueberry & yogurt over the chocolate mint.


Give involved…you won’t be disappointed!


Lushness of the Week: Ugg Boots

It would appear that Ugg boots for most people are now a distant memory with some hating the thought of even being in the same room as them but I’m still loving them. What I do hate though is the fake ‘ lean-up to the side’ Uggs (if you can even call them Uggs *vomit*), I feel this is what people are confusing with the real ones because after 3 years my Ugg Boots are still looking decent…this is the tell-tale sign people #Justsaying.
IMAG0207 (1)
Having said all of the above, I do have to be honest, the love hasn’t always been there. I remember when they first became popular, I was unsure as to whether or not I was a fan but once I tried them on and felt how comfortable and warm they were that is when I fell in love. I love the fact they are just so easy to slip on with a pair of skinny jeans/leggings so you can be on your way especially during the winter season. Ain’t nobody got time for this cold weather!

Lushness of the Week: Michael Kors bag

The Michael Kors Hamilton bag is the perfect size for running errands on the weekend. The bag is big enough to carry essentials such as an umbrella, purse, phone and keys yet small enough for you to look and feel chic. The lightweight crossbody style makes it ideal to move around freely knowing that your belongings are secure. My fav bag!





The Food Challenge…#LetsGo

It can get bit boring eating the same food day in day out so I’ve decided to challenge myself to try something new at least once a week.  This week I tried this strawberry pure fruit bear yo yo. The verdict: Way too sweet, I may as well had a bag of haribo strawbs.


Now I challenge you to try something new…let’s share our newbies each week to open us all  to a whole new world of lushness. #LetsGo


Lushness of the Week: Sales

You would never see me go crazy for the January sales (in fact any sales)…nope not happening on my watch and especially not for 20% off. Shopping in the sales with all the crazy people up in my space has never been appealing to me. However, having said that I was interested in the perfume sales as I took a likening to the Stella perfume by Stella McCartney (pure lushness) just before Christmas, from there I knew I had to have it in my life.

I’m definitely that chick who takes a likening to expensive perfume (Prada Candy and Gucci Guilty Black are also favourites of mine)….eeekkk, it’s not intentional, I usually smell the perfume (and fall in love with it) before I see the price leaving me with no other option but to get it. Ha!

I was so happy when I saw the gift set was on sale at Boots …the 50ml Eau de Perfum alone is £52 but the gift set was £35 and that was it, no further explanation was needed, I snapped it up quick. #SheWon

stella Mccartney - Sale Stella Mccartney

She is Living…

A message to my followers: I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support over the last couple of years, thank you for following and thank you for commenting and liking my posts. I appreciate it all!

Keeping up with a blog can sometimes be challenging especially as it’s so easy to get caught up doing other things in life, with this it can be hard to balance it all.

This year I have decided to change things up a bit. Although I love fashion (style), I also love food, those who know me know I loooove to eat. I love travelling and would love to visit more places in the UK, visiting Cornwall last year has made me appreciate the beautiful places the UK has to offer with this I want to see more of the UK as well as continue to go abroad. Going to events and meeting new people is also up there in my favourite things to do. It’s time to get out of my ‘comfortable’ box and combine my loves to create something new for my blog.

Here goes nothing…Eeekkkk!

We have to keep graduating our brand to be the best version of ourselves.