Lushness of the Week: Sales

You would never see me go crazy for the January sales (in fact any sales)…nope not happening on my watch and especially not for 20% off. Shopping in the sales with all the crazy people up in my space has never been appealing to me. However, having said that I was interested in the perfume sales as I took a likening to the Stella perfume by Stella McCartney (pure lushness) just before Christmas, from there I knew I had to have it in my life.

I’m definitely that chick who takes a likening to expensive perfume (Prada Candy and Gucci Guilty Black are also favourites of mine)….eeekkk, it’s not intentional, I usually smell the perfume (and fall in love with it) before I see the price leaving me with no other option but to get it. Ha!

I was so happy when I saw the gift set was on sale at Boots …the 50ml Eau de Perfum alone is £52 but the gift set was £35 and that was it, no further explanation was needed, I snapped it up quick. #SheWon

stella Mccartney - Sale Stella Mccartney

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