Lushness of the Week: Ugg Boots

It would appear that Ugg boots for most people are now a distant memory with some hating the thought of even being in the same room as them but I’m still loving them. What I do hate though is the fake ‘ lean-up to the side’ Uggs (if you can even call them Uggs *vomit*), I feel this is what people are confusing with the real ones because after 3 years my Ugg Boots are still looking decent…this is the tell-tale sign people #Justsaying.
IMAG0207 (1)
Having said all of the above, I do have to be honest, the love hasn’t always been there. I remember when they first became popular, I was unsure as to whether or not I was a fan but once I tried them on and felt how comfortable and warm they were that is when I fell in love. I love the fact they are just so easy to slip on with a pair of skinny jeans/leggings so you can be on your way especially during the winter season. Ain’t nobody got time for this cold weather!

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