I’m busy I’m washing my hair: Roots and Rituals

Washing my hair is an all day situation, even when going to the hairdressers it’s at least a 3 hour situation. So if I say I’m washing my hair, I’m doing exactly that.

15:30 I’ve had this Roots and Rituals heated head towel for a while now but I had to wait until the right time to use it. And the right time being just before I relax my hair. I felt this would be a good time for me just case it doesn’t go according to plan…ha. This is a big thing for me as I simply do not wash my hair myself due to it not having the same look and feel as it would if I went to the hairdressers. But I want to relax my hair less with eventually going natural…eeekkk. My hair has had a few problems in recent months with it breaking and being a little dry, with this I’ve been on the lookout for various products to help reform it to its natural state. I’m always up for trying something new, so here goes nothing.

The time is now 19:20…and I’m still yet to wash my hair, I mentioned about washing my hair 4 hours but to be fair to me I’ve been charging the power battery, I’m sure its charged enough (although the green light is yet to indicate that it is fully charge) but I think I’m just being a bit more conscious than I would usually be as I want to get it right or I might be that I’m trying to avoid the situation ha. Eeeekkk (I’m actually scared… it’s crazy because washing your hair is such a basic thing to do in life, so why am I so scared?!) I think the scaredness comes from the aftermath of washing my hair…how will my hair look once its been dried?! Will it look as good as if I’ve been to hairdressers…hmmm.

19:26 The battery pack in now connected to the heated towel (it takes 12 minutes to heat)…time to wash my hair, I’ll be using this 1-2 minute leave on Roots and Rituals Conditioner after shampooing.


19:53 Now for the heated head towel along with this coconut oil from Holland and Barrett which was recommended by a friend some months ago, I’ve been using it as my daily moisturizer as well.

Ooooh the towel on my head is feeling lush, I somewhat feel like I’m at the hairdressers getting my monthly hair (steam) treatment. This lushness is very much needed after a busy weekend.

IMAG1309  Snapchat--6593145409423777006


20:33 Time for the towel to come off and rinse my hair. (I’ve just gone through the process on the Roots and Rituals website, I think I did some of the steps round the wrong way, oh well I was following the process of how my hairdresser would do my hair treatment). And I think that’s the point, with such things its about doing YOU!

20:40 This is the hard bit (and my issue of not wanting to wash my hair myself in the first)…the drying process.

21:15 and done…I think, eeeekk!

Roots and Rituals heated head towel verdict: the towel experience was lush and one I want to enjoy again but the only way for me to enjoy it is to continue to wash my hair myself…hmmm, I guess I will try again in 8 weeks just before my relaxer. Once I get comfortable with the process I will wash my hair 2 weeks before the relaxer and so on.

Hair Verdict: My hair feels soft but I guess time will tell as to whether the treatment has worked.

21:20 Time to wrap my hair and get ready for a new week!



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