Lushness of Week: LipGlam

I’m definitely that chick who needs to wear a lip balm and apply it several times throughout the day to keep my lips looking and feeling smooth. Vaseline has been my number one choice for many years but having heard so much about LipGlam and spotting it at a recent event I decided to give this new balm a try.

YES to this natural lip balm, absolutely loving the way my lips are looking and feeling lush emoji_1F48B with only  needing to apply the balm a couple times a day. #GetInvolved



Try Something New…

Happy Easter All…hoping you are all having a lush weekend!

This week I tried this lime, ginger and honey drink…usually the only time I would have ginger and honey combined in a drink would be if I had a cold. Verdict: Manageable…would I get it again? Hmmm


What did you try?


Lushness of the Week: Bloggers Fashion Week!

This week I attended day two of Bloggers Fashion Week and met some lovely people behind such incredible brands. The event which was organised by Bloggers Love organise an array of blogger events specifically aimed at fashion/beauty bloggers as well as new brands wanting to showcase their products. I’ve been attending these events for just over a year now and have met some amazing bloggers and brands. Events like these is a great opportunity for bloggers and brands alike to network and build relationships for future collaborations. What to expect on a typical night; sweet treats, fashion show and samples from brands.

The event this week saw me sample and take home some of the products which I can’t wait to use. I’ll be trying the following brands over the coming weeks which include; Exuviance, Lip Glam and Roots and Rituals. Stay tuned to hear my thoughts on each products.




Try Something New…

I’m not a massive Oreo fan but somewhat underwhelmed with these Oreo ice-cream sandwiches…hmmm for a start they were too small, two bites and it was gone (I literally went through half the box in one day) and second the taste was just there, nothing special. Even the individual packaging is blah. Oreo ice-cream in a tub is the one not these sandwich things.

20140831_194827 photo (15)


What did you try this week?


Lushness of the Week: Liz Nehdi

I recently attended the Liz Nehdi spring/summer 2015 collection launch party at Wolf & Badger, Notting Hill. As I entered the store I was made to feel welcome straight away and felt a sense of freshness by the magnificent pieces of art displayed around the store. The art I speak of are fabulous scarves, pocket squares and handkerchiefs which started of as paintings. Although the scarves are very colourful they are not in your face colourful, this may be due to the delicate fabrics that are used to make such lushness. If you want to add some freshness to your spring/summer wardrobe these scarves would be the perfect addition.

photo (19)IMAG0392_BURST002 IMAG0394 IMAG0396


Try something new…

I rather like dried fruit but have never thought to try dried banana until now…hmmm now I know why I never wanted to try it, not my thing at all. Ewwww…well at least I know now for sure that it’s not my thing and this is the joy of trying new things, you just never knew what you might like or in this case don’t like for sure.
Get involved…try something new today, what is the worse that can happen?!




Lushness of the Week: Afternoon Tea!

What with it being Mothering Sunday this weekend, I felt it was the perfect time to talk about a recent afternoon tea experience I verily enjoyed. Afternoon tea is a lush treat to share with your Mum.

I’ve enjoyed afternoon tea on numerous occasions but more recently I enjoyed the lush experience at The Courthouse Hotel, London. I booked the champagne afternoon tea experience via the website which included a Thames river cruise as a treat to celebrate my sister’s birthday. This was her first afternoon tea experience and what an experience it was for her. Whilst we were sipping on the champagne and enjoying the cakes, sandwiches, and not forgetting the tea, I mentioned to one of the waiters that it was her birthday and by my surprise a few minutes later they surprised her with a cake with a candle. The experience got even better and even more memorable with the next gesture…during the course of the experience we asked for an extra glass of champagne, however when we asked for the bill, again by my surprise they gave the champagne to us on the house. #Lushness!


For anyone looking for an afternoon tea treat, I would highly recommend The Courthouse hotel. What makes this venue great is that although it is set in the heart of London’s bustling shopping and theatre district it offers a secluded and comfortable setting. The staff are also very attentive which made the experience even more enjoyable.




Lushness of the Week: Back in Stock!

Yassss to Topshop…y’all don’t know how happy I am for this sleeveless jacket right now. I saw this jacket back in August 2014 and wanted it for my birthday celebrations but to my horror when I was ready to purchase it, there was only one left which was on the mannequin…and wait for the worse part, it wasn’t even in my size (real tears).

Anyway let’s forget the past and fast-forward to February 2015…imagine my excitement when I pop into Topshop last week and spotted the exact jacket I wanted back in summer (tears of joy).

IMAG0349 photo

Let’s give Topshop a high-five for restocking this lushness of a jacket. #Happy!