#Throwback Thursday: Plateau Restaurant

I love eating out and discovering new restaurants, so I want to dedicate a weekly throwback section to the many restaurants I have visited.

Here goes nothing, eeeekkkk…!

Let me take it back to a few months ago when my friends and I took a trip to Plateau, Canary Wharf for a lush meal. Both the food and service were top notch, and to top it off the stylish, futuristic restaurant offered spectacular  views of the surrounding cityscape which made all the more memorable.

We booked our delicious 3 course meal including a glass of sparkling wine via To start with a went for a tea smoked mackerel, oyster mayonnaise, fennel salad; for the main I had a slow cooked haddock, lemon and thyme gnocchi, wild mushrooms, mushroom purée (I don’t usually do mushroom, but it wasn’t over-powering so I quite enjoyed it); and then for the dessert I went a baked apple and cinnamon ice cream alaska, rum flambe which lit up as it was presented to me. #Lushness

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I highly recommend this restaurant for top notch food at affordable prices.


Try Something New…

You know when you pick something up my mistake…but it turns out to be a yummy mistake, well I experienced exactly that on Wednesday. I was in a rush getting my lunch…and all I see is Jerk (which took me to the taste of my favourite Caribbean takeaway shop) so I pick it up and before I realised the full content on the sandwich (sweet and spicy jerk ham, egg and pineapple…it was the egg that I wasn’t too sure about) I had already paid and left the store.  I thought to myself oh well what’s the worse that could happen…?! If anything it fits well within my ‘try something new challenge’. So I opened up the sandwich and discovered something wonderful, the flavours were lush. It was that type of lushness where you can’t stop eating but you don’t want it to finish either. I highly recommend this Jamie Oliver sandwich. #OneLove
IMAG0547 (1)IMAG0544_BURST003
What did you try this week?



Try Something New…

I’m not a massive Oreo fan but somewhat underwhelmed with these Oreo ice-cream sandwiches…hmmm for a start they were too small, two bites and it was gone (I literally went through half the box in one day) and second the taste was just there, nothing special. Even the individual packaging is blah. Oreo ice-cream in a tub is the one not these sandwich things.

20140831_194827 photo (15)


What did you try this week?


Lushness of the Week: Afternoon Tea!

What with it being Mothering Sunday this weekend, I felt it was the perfect time to talk about a recent afternoon tea experience I verily enjoyed. Afternoon tea is a lush treat to share with your Mum.

I’ve enjoyed afternoon tea on numerous occasions but more recently I enjoyed the lush experience at The Courthouse Hotel, London. I booked the champagne afternoon tea experience via the website which included a Thames river cruise as a treat to celebrate my sister’s birthday. This was her first afternoon tea experience and what an experience it was for her. Whilst we were sipping on the champagne and enjoying the cakes, sandwiches, and not forgetting the tea, I mentioned to one of the waiters that it was her birthday and by my surprise a few minutes later they surprised her with a cake with a candle. The experience got even better and even more memorable with the next gesture…during the course of the experience we asked for an extra glass of champagne, however when we asked for the bill, again by my surprise they gave the champagne to us on the house. #Lushness!


For anyone looking for an afternoon tea treat, I would highly recommend The Courthouse hotel. What makes this venue great is that although it is set in the heart of London’s bustling shopping and theatre district it offers a secluded and comfortable setting. The staff are also very attentive which made the experience even more enjoyable.




The Food Challenge…#LetsGo

It can get bit boring eating the same food day in day out so I’ve decided to challenge myself to try something new at least once a week.  This week I tried this strawberry pure fruit bear yo yo. The verdict: Way too sweet, I may as well had a bag of haribo strawbs.


Now I challenge you to try something new…let’s share our newbies each week to open us all  to a whole new world of lushness. #LetsGo