Try Something New…

You know when you pick something up my mistake…but it turns out to be a yummy mistake, well I experienced exactly that on Wednesday. I was in a rush getting my lunch…and all I see is Jerk (which took me to the taste of my favourite Caribbean takeaway shop) so I pick it up and before I realised the full content on the sandwich (sweet and spicy jerk ham, egg and pineapple…it was the egg that I wasn’t too sure about) I had already paid and left the store.  I thought to myself oh well what’s the worse that could happen…?! If anything it fits well within my ‘try something new challenge’. So I opened up the sandwich and discovered something wonderful, the flavours were lush. It was that type of lushness where you can’t stop eating but you don’t want it to finish either. I highly recommend this Jamie Oliver sandwich. #OneLove
IMAG0547 (1)IMAG0544_BURST003
What did you try this week?