She was definitely living that life: Turkey!

Traveling is a beautiful thing…

I had the most amazing time in Turkey (one of my best holidays with lush new memories).

I experienced my first ever all inclusive holiday at a fab hotel. I’ve always been a little nervous about doing an all inclusive mainly because my perception as been that you are there to totally relax, leaving not much room to explore the country (I enjoy exploring new places, that is what I enjoy the most about going on holiday). But I got to do both, I was able to relax (in the spa, on the beach and in the bar enjoying cocktails…ha I went through the whole cocktail list) as well as enjoy a couple of day trips (a boat cruise and a trip to Kos, Greece) without feeling guilty that I was wasting the all inclusive opportunity as the times of the trips allowed me to have breakfast and dinner at the hotel.

For anyone looking for a relaxing and comfortable holiday, I totally recommend this adult only Thor Luxury Hotel and Spa. The hotel is a little away from Bodrum centre (about a 20 min taxi ride at 40-50TL) but staying in a lush hotel will always beat the location for me. Ah the lushness of the hotel (and staff) totally made the holiday that more special. Eeeekkk I already want to go back (I’m thinking to revisit towards the end of the year, ha)!


The pictures on the website were stunning but in real life it was even more stunning, my friend and I (‘I’ meaning I had to persuade my friend just a little…ha) definitely made the right choice.

I’m not totally where I thought I would be at this stage in my life, but being able to travel always makes me appreciate what I do have and what I’ve achieved. #Blessed