#MeettheMaker – Ilene Steele Jewellery

I recently received an invite along with a number of other bloggers to go behind the scenes and meet the maker of the Ilene Steele Jewellery and what a wonderful experience  it was. Both the jewellery and the maker are fab! Check out the equipment used to make the fabulous jewellery.

photo 3 (10)photo 4 (10)

Ilene Steele Jewellery comprises a range of rings using a unique design method that positions the stones so that they are angled towards the wearer, in a setting that looks beautiful from all angles.

photo (10)

On the night Ilene took us through the latest collection, ‘The Wave Collection’ which is a collection inspired by the excitement and turbulence of life; finding synergy between the shifting of ocean tides, currents and waves with the disorder and extremities of human existence.

The collection is beautiful, my favourite piece is this simple necklace with a bold stone. This is a perfect piece of jewellery that will go with any outfit. Simple and classy!

photo 2 (11)

Here are a few other pieces which would go perfect with any outfit but I especially love the dressed down look.

photo (9)  photo 1 (8)

Ilene Steele Jewellery is not about trends, it’s about style so if you like being your own person this is the perfect choice for you. The collection can be found at Wolf & Badger



Festival season is here…

I love experiencing new things…so you can imagine my excitement at going to my first festival. With this comes the responsibility of knowing what to wear. A festival is an all day thing so being comfortable has to be a priority. Being in the UK the weather is unpredictable therefore an outfit that can survive all climates will also need to be taken into consideration. Although being comfortable should be priority, one should also make an effort to look good. Just because you’re at a festival doesn’t mean you have to pretend you got ready in a tent. Festival style is about having some fun!

This is what I decided to go for:

  1. A hat is perfect if you don’t have an umbrella and there’s a bit of drizzle. I went for a beloved bowler hat from Topshop which I purchased last years.
  2. Layers: make sure you have a few light layers to survive the expected wind, rain and sunny spells. A shirt you can easily take off and wrap round your waist is a great choice to keep warm in or cool down when taken off, the taking off part is for when the sun comes out.
  3. Backpack: who wants to lug a heavy one shoulder bag around with them all day. A rucksack is an easy, convenient way of transporting all essential items that would be needed on the day.
  4. Flats: no need for heels as you will be on your feet all day! Plimsolls, trainers or wellies are the perfect choice.

20140706_084758 20140706_085039